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Post  Xaza on Sun Feb 17, 2008 12:52 pm

Rules for Vatos Locos

Welcome to Vatos Locos. Please take some time to learn the rules of this org.

We are an org which tries to help each other and are not big on drama. We have both PVPers and PVMers in the org and neither is preferred above the other, play the game how you want to.

We are a well respected org on RK1 and work hard for our good reputation. Reputation is everything in a MMORPG and once it is spolied it is hard to win back, because of this we ask that Org members know and play by the following rules.

Basic Rules

* Please be nice to your guild members and other people in this game. Respect all other players no matter what side they are on.

* Never Ninjaloot or Kill Steal - Ninjalooting is the worst crime in AO, and kill stealing is *always* remembered and will come back to haunt you.

* Never gank an Omni or a Neut - ganking is attacking without warning and killing them.

* Do not sell items in org chat or charge for services to org mates. We are here to help each other and things like this should be free. Do not beg other members (especially for creds!), you *are* allowed to ask if people have items spare though.

* Keep foul language to a minimum, please try to maintain a professional atmosphere when in Tara/Pande/APF raids.

* AI raids can only be run by a rank of Veteran+ (read !airules for more info).

* Org bank can be logged by Advisors+ (!orgbank for info) and everyone from the rank of member upwards has a right to ask for items from the bank. It has AI drops, symbs and PB patterns in it and can be searched with !depot command. (/tell vlbot !help !depot for info)

* New members will be given a trial period of 1month in which every action that lead us to think you're not good for us will bring to immediate kick. After the 1month period you can get the rank of member and furthermore advance in org career.

* Veterans rank was given FFA to everyone that wanted to raid. This is not going to happen again. In fact There are too many veterans . I'm going to clear the situation abit, in a way that every User will have 1veteran rank among alts. So you can use that toon to drop cloak if you need to. Veteran is a rank we give after someone demostrated that he involved him in org progression for some time , that is active, and make fun with all us. So you can't just be veteran becouse you've been 1 year in VL.

Most important of all : Have fun !

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